Our Class Descriptions

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Mixed Media

Children will have an opportunity to try different media such as clay, watercolor, oil pastels, charcoal, painting and soft pastels. Children will to draw animals, human faces, landscapes, seascapes and fantasy creations. They’ll learn about composition, color and sometimes we’ll talk about famous artists, look at their work and imitate their style. All materials are included. Clay pieces will be fired and glazed.

Painting, Drawing and More

The students will be learning various drawing techniques including shading and continuous lines with soft and hard pencils. They will use charcoals and learning to draw faces both realistic and abstract, seascapes, landscapes, houses, animals and various other kinds of drawing from their imagination. This is strictly a drawing class. All materials are included.

Abstract and Realistic Art

The students will be learning various techniques (applied to their grade level) in abstract art. They will be studying different abstract artists and their works. They will apply their knowledge of the artists in their own pieces. Students will be also making 3D abstract art such as sculpture.  All materials will be included.

Private and Semi-Private Instruction

Private instruction is available from 12 noon till 5 pm.   Please contact Riitta regarding fees and to set up the times & dates.  The private instruction does not have to be every Saturday and can accommodate students’ time schedule. 

Other courses may be available but not scheduled yet.

Please email Riitta if interested in scheduling a class. Note there is a minumum number of students required in order to schedule a class.